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One of Citadel core features is participation in PoS consensus of supported networks. Users can stake and delegate $IOST that they hold on connected wallets to contribute to the IOST ecosystem and receive rewards.

On the Staking screen we provide users with all information they need to help them with delegation. We divide user’s balance on staked, available (for staking), and frozen (on unbonding period), show users their claimable IOST, received rewards, and current breakdown of their delegation.

Users can vote for as many nodes as they want and allocate their votes proportionally by inputting shares % or precise IOST amount they want to delegate.

The way it operates is very simple: the only thing users have to do is choose their favorite nodes on which the accumulated IOST will be delegated and staked. This function will automate the process of claiming the rewards and stake to the already chosen nodes in the voting tab in accordance with the chosen Stake shares.

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